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  • Indian recipe : Kheema, an easy, quick and yummy dish to have on lazy days (Part I & II)

    Namaste friends,Welcome Here’s the ingredients list for this recipe : 1 kilo of minced meat of your choice (Or minced soya for a veg alternative) –2 medium onions chopped4 hari mirchi (or green chillies) choppedFresh ginger juliennesA bunch of hara dhaniya (Coriander)A few leaves of pudina (mint)Half a teaspoon of Jeera (Cumin seeds)1 Tablespoon of…

  • Secret Revealed! Desi Foreigner Cooks Vada Pav that ‘Will Surprise You’

    Namaste friends, The other day, agent Sikander had a craving for this gorgeous snack and unfortunately for him, he couldn’t just go out in the streets and fetch one or two vada pav. You know that you truly miss a city when you miss those little things of life like getting your hands on a…

  • Secrets of a Goan Grandmother’s Chili Fry

    Goan Food RecipeFood Memories Lamb Chili Fry Hello, I hope you will enjoy this Goan dish as much as we do, it is a dish we eat on a regular basis. It’s one of the kids favourite from the Goan repertoire because it’s part of their legacy. Initially, I had posted this recipe in French…

  • Murgh Makhani or Butter Chicken

    Are you looking for a recipe to impress your family or your guests? Or do you simply want to treat yourself to a royal feast? Look no further, this recipe will do the trick and please everyone.Murgh Makhani’ or butter chicken in tomato sauce is a dish you have all heard of. You may even…

  • How to cook the perfect lamb biryani each & every time

    सिकंदर का गोश्त की बिरयानीHow to cook the perfect lamb biryani each & every time Hello friends, I enjoyed cooking & producing this Biryani video, this biryani is the result of many failures which I corrected and perfected & now I just cook this dish blindly. This is an authentic lamb biryani like it’s cooked…

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I have been travelling to India since 1997, I discovered Indian food whilst crossing the subcontinent by train from North to South & East to West. I learned to cook a lot of these recipes simply because I was missing the food. So, all I want to know is whether you liked the taste of these dishes

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